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    continuing works...

    continuing ideas are focusing around;


    *OCD Landscapes, abstract series working only with colours and textures, neatly organised, very neatly, obsessional, one colour maybe dominant but I need more research about the nature of OCD and how it displays itself, how sufferers respond to the uncontrolled...


    * The good life, this might be about food, meat, vegetables, water...

    maybe a series on broccoli, brassicas or paintings of water bottles, plastic one-use examples before they are no longer produced?


    * The edges of things; the borders and boundaries define the area of concern, could it be more important to explore the edges, map and plot the extremes, before moving on into the centre, not sure how this will work out yet, or even if it is a physical or emotional response that will be most interesting...


    * Experiments in Applicationism, the exact meaning of this is unclear at the moment but there is certainly a summer of work researching beyond Ad Reinhardt and Yves Klein…


    *spectra; where are you?, this is a series exploring the compromises that cover our lives, the first series is complete, working life and political life is being developed now...


  • between the land and the sky.

    life in LeMarche, Italy

    the Zetter Space, clerkenwell, london.

    exhibited during December 2016 and January 2017.

    the paintings exhibited at...

    the Zetter Space are about life in LeMarche, Italy. They were painted in the Central Italian province, a beautiful region of hilltop towns and rolling land- scape, stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the Apennines and Sibillini Mountain ranges, Umbria and Tuscany are its slightly better known neighbours.


    Much of LeMarche’s rich undulating fertile land is planted several times a year by local elderly farmers on family farms. One can see and hear the many old tractors, sometimes used at night during what can be a very hot July and August harvest time, the squeaky wheels give ones sleep a rhythmic soundtrack.


    This family farming helps to shape the land.


    Mature olive trees stand in fields full of crops, a few productive strips of vines remain for home made wine for an extended family. It might also be part of what contributes to the quality of life in the region, one that has some of the most long-lived people in Europe. Central Italy don’t forget, is the area that gave birth to the Slow Movement, the reaction against fast-food and drive-through living.

  • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

    the Zetter Space show follows the selection of one of the works for the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

    olive trees in a field of grass feed

    In a good productive year these trees will give their family 6 or 7 litres of first cold press olive oil.

    Yes, you can buy good oil in the supermarkets of LeMarche but these trees produce family oil certain of origin and authenticity,

    it is unthinkable not to farm around them.


    Painted using palette knives with tubed paint, pigments and oil.

    Painted on preprepared canvas board.

  • Barbican Centre London

    Royal AirForce Museum London

    Emotions of Flight

    Works in response to the anniversary of the Battle Of Britain.

    the paintings exhibited at...

    the Barbican Centre in the City of London, were an attempt to capture the raw emotions of combat flight at a pivotal time in the SecondWorldWar.


    The research for the work included visiting two elderly Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots to seek some primary responses from fighting in the air. They had very different experiences, one being shot down by an ME109 pilot, the other continuing on throughout the war and onto the FarEast.


    But there were similarities.


    Both talked of the speed and raw power of the machines, the battles that lasted minutes, sometime seconds. Both talked of the extreme contrasts of the force within the aircraft and the flaws within it.

    Force, Power, Speed, Fragility, Fear and Tension were used to create 12 large scale abstract works.


    Having donated 10% of the proceeds to the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, I was invited to one their yearly reunions close to BigginHill. There I meet the son of Sir Archibald McIndoe, the GinueaPig Club doctor, as well as a number of the few remaining Battle of Britain Pilots.

  • Emotions of Flight

    the Emotions of Flight work was produced mostly in 1990,

    with a lot of time spent at the WarMuseum Archives and the RAF Museum in Hendon.

    speed, moment of force

    This painting was taken by the RoyalAirForce Museum in Hendon for their Permanent Art Collection.

    fear, a moving target

    Only three of the 12 canvases survive, from the pencil sketches, four were bought, only two others survive.

    one of the pencil sketches.

    one of the pencil sketches.

  • the point of departure series

    exhibited in London and Fontainebleau.

    these paintings exhibited at...

    The Insead Gallery Space in Fontainebleau, just South of Paris and the Ravensdale gallery in Dean Street, Soho (now closed) were a selection from almost four years of development. The main themes were around movement, travel and the need to explore.

    Within this period one can see the development of both style and painterly effect within the textures and and surfaces.

    They were also an exploration of colour and colour combinations.

  • window shopping

    A short series painted in the late 1980's about the space between shop and shopper.

    It is pre-Internet and this window space seems to be the commercial boundary that is both attraction and a physical border. These paintings attempted to explore this space and what (mostly design led) shops put in them.

    These were not exhibited.


    paul smith

    window shopping


  • distant past

    Visual balance, Visual symmetry.

    These very early abstracts from the mid-1980’s were experimentations with visual symmetry and physical asymmetry. Most were made of a number of small separate canvases painted and arranged to bring an overall aesthetic of calm, a silence within a world of competing forces, it was a time of increasing tensions in the world leading up to the first Gulf War.

    These were not exhibited.

    competing forces

    the centre is a feeling

    your heart is off centre

    squares within squares within squares

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